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You can use Impots.gouv provider to fetch financial information (tax returns, tax return analysis, vat declaration and tax clearance certificate) from your users financial accounts.

This provider supports these data types:


This provider is available only for French users

To retrieve your user financial data, you will have to:

1. Enable Impots.gouv provider:

(PUT) /api/v6/providers/impots_gouv
"enable": true

2. Settings Impots.gouv provider:

(PUT) /api/v6/providers/impots_gouv/settings
"auto_connect": true

3. Create a data connection:

(POST) /api/v6/users/{userId}/data-connections
"provider_name": "impots_gouv",
"requested_data_types": [

3. Create a synchronization

After finishing the connecting process by your user, and after validating that the data connection status is CONNECTED, you can run a new synchronization.

(POST) /api/v6/users/{userId}/sync

To verify that you are receiving your user's financial data, check out these endpoints:

  • GET /api/v6/users/{userId}/tax-returns
  • GET /api/v6/users/{userId}/tax-returns/{taxReturnId}
  • GET /api/v6/users/{userId}/tax-return-analysis
  • GET /api/v6/users/{userId}/vat-declarations
  • GET /api/v6/users/{userId}/vat-declarations/{vatDeclarationId}
  • GET /api/v6/users/{userId}/corporate-taxes
  • GET /api/v6/users/{userId}/corporate-taxes/{corporateTaxId}
  • GET /api/v6/users/{userId}/tax-clearance-certificate
  • GET /api/v6/users/{userId}/tax-accounts