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Financial Statement

Summary: Financial statements are annual accounts declared to the Registry of Commerce and Companies, and publicized depending on the company's willingness and size. Those are documents that contain th balance sheet, income statement, cashflow statement, and other annexes to clarify accounting policies. The financial statement does not present numerical data, only the fact that it was filed in the first place, optionally accompanied by a digital copy of the actual document.

The Financial Statement's history is regardless of the month history current setting, except when the synchronization is launched with the Infogreffe provider.

  • "STANDALONE" for standalone (single-company) statements
  • "CONSOLIDATED" for consolidated statements
closing_yearstringEnd year of the fiscal year
closing_datedateEnd date of the fiscal year
submitted_datedateDate on which the statement was filed
durationstringDuration, in months of the fiscal year
file_idstringsee Download
privatebooleanWhether the statement was filed as private
provider_namestringProvider from which this financial statement was obtained