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Company Profile

This data type shows a list of legal information about a company, usually gathered from their official registrations. It gives an overview of their identification.

The Company Profile's history is regardless of the month history current setting.

namestringMain denomination of the company. This may be different from their business/commercial names.
acronym_namestringAcronym name of the company, if they have one.
business_namesarray of stringsDifferent names used on signboards, shopfronts, and other locations.
commercial_namesarray of stringsNames and designations publicly used for marketing and commercial purposes. May differ from their main denomination.
registration_numberstringCode for the official registration of the company. In France, this is the SIREN number.
vat_numberstringValue-added tax registration number belonging to the company. This number may or may not be registered. Please use the VIES interface if you wish to ensure that the VAT number is registered.
French: Numero de TVA
registration_datedateDate of the registration of the company as an organization with economical stakes. The registered organization does not have to be a commercial company, as associations and administrations for example will also register themselves.
French: Date d'enregistrement de la société a l'INSEE
insee_closing_datedateDate at which the organization has officially shutdown and registered itself as closed.
French: Date de cloture a l'Insee
rncs_registration_datedateDate of the registration of the organization as a commercial company. Not all organizations/legal entities need to register as such. Public adminstration organizations, associations, and single-person companies, for example, do not need to register as commercial companies.
French: Date d'enregistrement au RCS
rncs_closing_datedateDate at which the company was struck off from the trade and companies registry. This usually, but not always, accompanies the dissolution and/or closing of the company.
French: Date de radiation/cloture au RCS
registration_courtRegistration courtA registration court object
activityActivityActivity registered for the company
business_categorystringSector of activity
business_category_yearintYear of sector of activity
staffstringStaff size range according to the INSEE.
staff_yearintYear on which the staff size range was reported
capitalCapitalA capital object
legalLegalA legal object
headquarterCorporate officeHeadquarter office of the company. This may be the main location in which they operate, or simply their headquarters for administrative purposes.
rnmRnm(Registre National des Metiers)

Registration court

namestringName (location) of the local commercial registry where the company has its main commercial registration. It may have other registrations if it operates in different regions, and this contains the main registration if it is at all registered.
French: Nom du greffe
codestring4-digit code of the local commercial registry where the company is registered.
French: Code greffe


typestringType of capital stock.
  • F for fixed
  • V for variable
amountintAmount (money) of capital stock
currencyCurrencyCurrency of the capital stock
person_typestringType of person from the point of view of the law, can be either
formstringName of the legal form of the company.
code_formstringCode of the legal form of the company.

Rnm (Registre National des Metiers)

registration_datedateDate of registration
radiation_datedateDate of radiation
start_date_activitydateDate of activity start
cessation_date_activitydateDate of activity cessation
cessation_date_liquidationdateDate of liquidation cessation
departmentstringDepartment of the company
regionstringRegion of the company.
last_updatedatetimeDate of last update