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Tax Return

Tax returns for the purposes of this api are the annual accounts filled for the sake of tax declarations, and numerical data about its contents is available.

The Tax Return's history is regardless of the month history current setting, except when the synchronization is launched with the Infogreffe provider.

iduuidUnique identifier (UUID)
typestringDifferent annual accounts types ("C" for Complete, "K" for Consolidated, "S" for Simplified, ...)
closing_yearyearYear on which the fiscal year ended
closing_datedateDate on which the fiscal year ended
durationintDuration, in months, of the fiscal year
submitted_datedateDate on which the tax return was submitted
revenueintRevenues recorded on the declaration
net_profitintNet profit recorded on the declaration
file_idstringsee Download
provider_namestringProvider from which this tax return was obtained
data_connection_iduuidData connection from which this tax return was obtained
tax_return_valuesarray of Tax return valuesTax return values object

Tax return values‚Äč

codestringCode of the cell(s) in the tax return
valuesarray of intsValue of the cell(s) in the tax return

Please find below the doc organising the data according to the type of the tax return and the code of the cells. The doc is according to the INPI version, for the tax values please check from page 9 to 29. Document Technique Comptes annuels