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Sector Analysis

A sector analysis represents the aggregation (average, minimum, maximum) of the analyses made on TaxReturnAnalysis for a year, a geographical area (department, region) and an Ape code.


The last year submitted "n-1" may be less significant, especially when the request is made at the beginning of the year when most documents are not available.

The Sector Analysis' history is regardless of the month history current setting.

iduuidUnique identifier (UUID)
yearyearYear on which the described fiscal year ended.
activityActivity SectorActivity sector.
geoGeographical AreaGeographical area (3 levels : national, regional or departmental)
relevancenull|stringRelevance of the sector analysis based on the number of companies in the geographical area. The possible values are :
  • null - 0 company or no data
  • 'LOW' - from 1 to 9 companies
  • 'MEDIUM - from 10 to 99 companies
  • 'HIGH' - from 100 to 999 companies
  • 'VERY_HIGH' - 1000 or more companies
analysisAnalysisAnalysis for the year for the activity sector for the geographical area.

Activity Sector

codestringAPE or sub-part of the APE code of the activity.
levelintegerDepth of the APE code for : 1 largest , 5 deepest.
namestringDescription of the activity sector.

Geographical Area

codestringShort name of the geographical area.
levelintegerDepth of the geographical sector : 1 national, 2 regional, 3 departmental.
namestringDescription of the geographical sector.


minSector Analysis DetailsMinimum values for the activity sector.
avgSector Analysis DetailsAverage values for the activity sector.
maxSector Analysis DetailsMaximum values for the activity sector.

Sector Analysis Details

balance_sheetBalance sheetA snapshot of the assets and liabilities of the company at the time of filing the statement.
income_statementIncome statementA profit and loss statement, that describes the company's performance mainly.
ratiosRatiosAdditional ratios and values computed from the tax return.