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Webinfo specializes in gathering information about businesses with the intention of furthering Business-To-Business relations. This includes finding contact information about people relevant to the company, investigating their internet presence on social networks and their own websites.

This provider supports these data types:

  • Contact: to retrieve a list of company contacts.
  • Web Info: to retrieve a company web/social information (domains, facebook, wikipedia ...).

1. Settings Webinfo provider:

(PUT) /api/v6/providers/webinfo/settings
"auto_connect": (true|false)

2. Enable Webinfo provider:

(PUT) /api/v6/providers/webinfo
"enable": true

3. Create Webinfo data connection:

(POST) /api/v6/users/{userId}/data-connections
"requested_data_types": ["WEB_INFO", "CONTACT"],
"provider_name": "webinfo"

4. Create a synchronization:

After validating that the data connection status is CONNECTED, you can run a new synchronization.

(POST) /api/v6/users/{userId}/sync
"data_types": ["WEB_INFO", "CONTACT"]

To verify that you are receiving the right data, check out these endpoints:

  • GET /api/v6/users/{userId}/web-infos
  • GET /api/v6/users/{userId}/contacts