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Google News

Google News aggregates news from thousands of different sources in hundreds of fields and allows one to search for just about anything. You can use this provider to obtain news articles and internet publications about your user.

This provider supports these data types:

  • News: to retrieve a list of company news.

Test Google News integration:

1. Enable Google News provider:

(PUT) /api/v6/providers/google_news
"enable": true

2. Settings Google News provider:

(PUT) /api/v6/providers/google_news/settings
"auto_connect": true

3. Create Google News data connection:

(POST) /api/v6/users/{userId}/data-connections
"requested_data_types": ["NEWS"],
"provider_name": "google_news"

4. Create a synchronization:

After validating that the data connection status is CONNECTED, you can run a new synchronization.

(POST) /api/v6/users/{userId}/sync
"data_types": ["NEWS"]

To verify that you are receiving the company's news, check out this endpoints:

  • GET /api/v6/users/{userId}/news