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Commerce Subscription

By default, the Commerce Subscription's history is 12 months.

iduuidUnique identifier (UUID)
source_created_atdateDate on which the subscription was created, according the provider.
amountMoneyValue of the subscription.
statusstringThe initial state of the plan. Allowed input values are CREATED and ACTIVE.
plan_namestringThe name of the plan this subscription is created from, as set by the user on their provider-specific interface.
frequency_unitstringThe interval at which the subscription is charged or billed. Value: “day”, ”week”, ”month”, ”year”
frequency_intervalintThe number of intervals after which a subscriber is billed.
provider_namestringName of the provider the data is coming from (informational field) - e.g. "Paypal", "Stripe", ...
data_connection_iduuidUUID of the data connection leading to this data