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Commerce Product

By default, the Commerce Product's history is 12 months.

iduuidUnique identifier (UUID)
categorystringCategorization of product.
namestringTitle of location.
descriptionstringDescription of location.
imagesarray of stringsArray of image urls.
statusstringProduct status - Possible values :
urlstringThe URL to access this product on platform's site.
variantsarray of CommerceProductVariantArray of Product Variants
tagsarray of stringsStore tags for the product.
source_created_atdatetimeDate on which the product was created (as given by the source provider).
source_updated_atdatetimeDate on which the product was updated (as given by the source provider).
provider_namestringName of the provider the data is coming from (informational field) - e.g. "Paypal", "Stripe", ...
data_connection_iduuidUUID of the data connection leading to this data

CommerceProductVariant object

iduuidUUID of the Product Variant
product_iduuidUUID of the parent Product
barcodestringUnique product number of the variant (barcode, UPC, ISBN, ...)
namestringName of the product recorded in the platform
priceMoneyPrice of variant
skustringStock-keeping unit number
fulfillment_servicestringName of fulfillment service
requires_shippingboolWhether or not the product requires delivery
inventoryCommerceProductInventoryInformation about the total inventory as well as the locations inventory is in
weightWeightWeight of this variant
source_created_atdatetimeDate on which the product variant was created (as given by the source provider).

CommerceProductInventory object

total_quantityintegerThe total inventory across all locations
locationsarray of CommerceProductInventoryLocationDetails of the locations of each quantity of the inventory

CommerceProductInventoryLocation object

quantityintegerThe quantity of inventory at this location
location_iduuidUUID of the Location