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Commerce Dispute

Commerce disputes are complaints related to transactions on commercial platforms, leading to the transaction being contested, prevented or reverted.

By default, the Commerce Dispute's history is 12 months.

iduuidUnique identifier (UUID)
amountMoneyDisputed amount of money
reasonstringReason of the dispute : NOT_RECEIVED, NOT_AS_DESCRIBED, OTHER
source_reasonstringReason of the dispute given by the source provider
statusstringDispute status - Possible values : LOST, WON ,PENDING ,OTHER
created_atdatetimeDate of the creation of the dispute. e.g. ā€œ2021-12-13T16:20:09.627Zā€
source_created_atdatetimeDate on which the dispute was created (as given by the source provider).
source_updated_atdatetimeDate on which the dispute was updated (as given by the source provider).
transactionsarray of stringsArray of the transaction UUIDs concerned by the dispute
provider_namestringName of the provider the data is coming from (informational field) - e.g. "Paypal", "Stripe", ...
data_connection_iduuidUUID of the data connection leading to this data