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Web info

The Web info's history is regardless of the month history current setting.

suggested_providersarray of stringsList of suggested providers available in supported providers
web_site_urlstringUrl of the company's website
linkedinstringUrl of the Linkedin profile of the company
twitterstringUrl of the twitter profile of the company
facebookstringUrl of the Facebook profile of the company
wikipediastringUrl of the wikipedia page of the company
web_info_domainsarray of Web info domainsWeb info domains object
commercial_namearray of stringsCommercial name of a company

Web info domains‚Äč

domainstringDomain name
urlstringURL address
descriptionstringA description of the domain
webmaster_emailstringWeb master email address
webmaster_phonestringWeb master phone number
techno_typesarray of stringsList of technologies the domain uses