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Bank Transaction

Summary: List of user bank transactions linked to Bank account.

By default, the Bank Transaction's history is 12 months.
The most of the banks give only 3 months history.

iduuidUnique identifier (UUID)
account_idstringId of the Bank account on which the transaction was made
amountfloatThe amount of the transaction
currencycurrencyCurrency of the transaction
initiated_atdatetimeDate (or datetime) on which the order to make a transaction was issued
value_datedatetimeDate (or datetime) on which the transfer of money was effective
descriptionstringDescription attached to the transaction
transaction_typestringTransaction type, supported types: BANK, CARD, CHECK, ORDER, TRANSFER, WITHDRAWAL
provider_namestringProvider from which this transaction was obtained
data_connection_iduuidData connection from which this transaction was obtained