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Bank Account

Summary: List of user bank accounts

The Bank Account's history is regardless of the month history current setting.

iduuidUnique identifier (UUID)
namestringBank account name
account_numberstringBank account number
account_typestringBank account type, supported types: CHECKING, SAVINGS, CREDIT_CARD, LOAN, UNKNOWN
balancefloatBank account balance
currencystringCurrency of the account
ibanstringIBAN code of the account
bicstringBIC code of the bank
bank_namestringName of the bank
last_updatedatetimeSource last updated date
last_transactiondatetimeLast transaction date
provider_namestringName of the provider the data is coming from
data_connection_iduuidUUID of the data connection leading to this data
ownersBankAccountOwner[]Known owners of the bank account


first_namestringFirst name of the owner
last_namestringLast name of the owner
full_namestringFull name of the owner
last_updatedatetimeLast update date of this information