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Basic objects


address_line1stringFirst line of the address
address_line2stringSecond line of the address
citystringName of the city
postal_codestringCode of the city within the country
countrystringAn ISO code of the country


This object appears at points mentioning money flows, and represents a volume of money with currency.

currencycurrencysee currency format
valuevalueAmount of currency


This object represents an activity exercised by a company. The codes and names follow French norms.

ape_codestringActivity Code. This identifies a sector of activity.
ape_code_typestringActivity Code naming scheme. The naming scheme evolved several times since its inception, and not all naming schemes are compatible with their succeeding version. French: Type de code APE
ape_namestringTitle of the activity identified by the code. This is a short name for the activity identified by `ape_code`.
descriptionstringDescription of the activity identified by the code. This may hold more text to distinguish the content of the activity, and is written by the person making the registration.


This object appears at points mentioning weights, and represents a weight with unit.

unitstringWeight unit
valuevalueAmount of weight