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Webhooks let you receive notifications about certain events without polling the API. You have to configure a URL that will be called by our system with a GET HTTP request for each event type you want to listen to with the endpoint PUT /api/v6/webhooks/{eventType}

These query parameters will be sent to the url you specify:

  • eventType : Type of event, see list below
  • resourceId : Id of the object that triggered the event
  • userId : Id of the user owning the object that triggered the event
  • date : Unix timestamp


List of possible event types‚Äč

Event TypeResource IdDescription
DATA_CONNECTION_AUTH_REQUIREDDataConnectionThe data connection is created and requires an authorization from the user
DATA_CONNECTION_CONNECTINGDataConnectionThe user has begun the authorization procedure
DATA_CONNECTION_CONNECTEDDataConnectionThe data connection is ready to be used for data synchronization
DATA_CONNECTION_AUTH_ERRORDataConnectionThe user needs to re-authorize the data connection
DATA_CONNECTION_DISCONNECTEDDataConnectionYou asked to disconnect the data connection
DATA_SYNC_QUEUEDDataSyncA data synchronization has been asked
DATA_SYNC_AUTH_ERRORDataSyncA data synchronization ended with an authorization error. The corresponding data connection status also change to AUTH_ERROR. The user needs to re-authorize the connection
DATA_SYNC_FETCH_ERRORDataSyncA data synchronization ended with an error. This might be due to a temporary error. You should retry the synchronization
DATA_SYNC_FETCHINGDataSyncA data synchronization has been started
DATA_SYNC_SUCCESSDataSyncA data synchronization ended successfully
REPORT_SUBMITTEDReportThe report request has been sent successfully
REPORT_PROCESSINGReportThe report is being generated
REPORT_DONEReportThe report generation has ended successfully
REPORT_DONE_NO_DATAReportThe report generation has ended successfully but there is no data in the report
REPORT_CANCELLEDReportThe report generation has been canceled or has failed