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Reports can be generated for a given user and for a given type.

A report is a file containing the synthesis of report type data.

After generated, this file can be downloaded with a file_id through the endpoint GET /api/v6/file/{fileId}.

List of different report types

Bank transactionBANK_TRANSACTION_CSVGenerate a csv file including the following columns :
  • id
  • amount
  • value date
  • currency
  • type
  • description
  • data connection id
  • provider name
  • account id
  • account name
  • account type
  • account balance (at the last sync date)
  • account currency
  • account last update
  • account iban
  • account bic

Report status

  • SUBMITTED: The report request has been accepted and recorded
  • PROCESSING: The report is being generated
  • DONE: The report has been generated and is ready to get downloaded
  • DONE_NO_DATA: The report has been generated but there is no data in the report
  • CANCELLED: The report generation has been canceled or has failed