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Providers are the data sources where we get the data. They support a list of data types.

To list and configure your providers refer to these endpoints.

You have to enable a provider before you can use it. Only providers marked as available can be enabled. If you need a provider that is not available please contact the support at . Some providers require credentials to be enabled (credentials_config). You must set those credentials before enabling the provider. Credentials required for a provider are described in each provider page (see Supported Providers). In some cases Qard can set up the provider for you. Please contact the support if you need so.

Some providers are unique which means you can only have one data connection per user for this provider.

Some providers require an authorization (auth_required) from the user before you can access the data.

Configure provider's credentials

Use PUT /api/v6/providers/:providerName/credentials to update a provider's credentials


For security reasons you can only update credentials but not get them.

Enable/Disable a provider

Use PUT /api/v6/providers/:providerName to enable a provider. If the provider requires credentials you need to set them before.

Provider object

namestringTechnical name of the provider. To be used in other endpoints
logo_urlstringUrl of the provider's logo in PNG format
enabledboolWhether or not the provider is enabled
availableboolWhether or not the provider is available to your account
uniqueboolUnique providers may only be connected once per user
auth_requiredboolWether or not the provider require an Authorization from the user before you can access the data
auto_connectboolWhether or not the provider is auto connected
settingsarray of stringsList of settings configuration
credentials_configarray of stringsList of credentials you have to set before you can enable the provider
data_typesarray of stringsList of supported data types