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Corporate Office

Commercial companies in France must register the facilities in which they operate within a month of the start of their activities there. Although they are called offices in this API, they may in reality be anything, from establishments, shops, factories, to any other manner of facilities.

The Corporate Office's history is regardless of the month history current setting.

office_registration_numberstringWhen a company registers an office in France, that office gets a unique identification number called the SIRET number.
creation_datedateDate on which the office or establishment was opened
staffstringStaff size range according to the INSEE.
staff_yearstringYear on which the staff size range was reported.
has_staffbooleanWhether the office employs people.
closing_datedateDate on which the location closed down.
addressAddressAddress of the office.
activebooleanWhether the office is still open.
business_namesarray of stringsNames and designations of the office used for commercial or marketing purposes.
namestringMain name of the office, as declared in its registration. It does not have to be unique.
activityActivityActivity registered for the office